Herbal Reflections

Herbal medicine has changed my life. Period. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Having fresh herbs, teas, and tinctures on site and in my apothecary has allowed me to take ownership for my wellness, and to affect the wellness – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – of family and friends.

Through local and planetary challenges of 2016 and 2017, I have been and am empowered through growing, harvesting, choosing,  and using herbs and herbal formulas here at 7 Acre Wood.

Feelings of hopelessness, of being a victim, and of despair lessen and/or disappear entirely when I visit my apothecary, care for and harvest herbs, blend & use tinctures, use salves, or drink fresh teas from our 7 Acre Wood Farm.

It is my belief and experience that a relationship with herbs and herbal plants offers similar opportunities for healing and empowerment to all who are able and willing to listen and to engage in a partnership with herbs and all the blessings they offer.

With gratitude to my partner, Joe, for his biodynamic knowledge, his skills in planning and planting, and his love and support for all we are doing as land stewards; with love and appreciation for family and friends who partner with our plants and plant medicines; and all who come to and bless our farm with their presence and awareness.

Love, light, peace, and blessings to all,








One thought on “Herbal Reflections”

  1. Hello Anne: I want to meet you and visit your farm but your contact page is whiter than a ghost!
    I thought there was some magic in Bath and Highland counties .–I think you and your farm may be part of that.
    I have been traveling up to the “No Pipeline Summer” on the Limpert’s property in Bolar and coming from Dayton, VA, I drive past Burnsville. Was there last weekend, stayed near Millboro Springs, found a ton of mushrooms, want to go back this Friday or weekend, would love to stop by and say hi. I too am in my mid-60s and I also have found herbs (and yoga) have saved my life and my spirit. But not well connected to others on the same wavelength

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