(Overview & Disclaimer)
The Usui Reiki System (Usui Shiki Ryoho Hayashi-Takata Style): The Usui Reiki System is a unique Esoteric Science of Consciousness and Subtle Energy Practice for healing the cause of suffering, stress management, healthcare, relaxation, personal growth and expansion of awareness. Systematic Hands-on Reiki Applications are effective for balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy matrix, relaxation, promoting health, vitality, and wellness.

Reiki is automatically transmitted by Touch and Physical Presence. Everywhere present, Reiki (Consciousness, Light and Universal Energy) flows through everything and everybody. The Reiki Practitioner is trained in hands-on application methods that are effective for oneself and others. Reiki Light/Energy is automatically transmitted by physical presence or touch of the Reiki Practitioner, including ordinary interactions such as a social hug or handshake.

Reiki is not a form of massage, bodywork, or physical therapy.
Physical manipulation of tissues, stroking, kneading, pressing, rubbing, and other intrusive techniques defined as “massage” are not a part of The Usui Reiki System. Reiki Applications are effective from both direct touch and by placing the hands a few inches above the body.

Reiki does not replace Dental and Medical Care.
The Usui Reiki System is a subtle energy based practice that supports Standard Medical Procedures, Physical Therapy, Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Modalities, Dentistry, and Psychological Consultation. The Usui Reiki System is not a scientifically validated method but is accepted in some hospitals and healthcare centers. Reiki Practitioners are not trained to diagnose or treat disease. Reiki does not replace standard medical procedures and advice, proper nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, ordinary good judgment and common sense. Always seek medical diagnosis, advice and treatment from a licensed physician for chronic ailments, illness, sickness, accidents, injuries, or other personal health concerns.

Medication/Prescription Drugs/Eye wear/Eye Glasses:
Prescription drugs and medications need regular monitoring by a licensed physician to insure proper dosage. After about three months of regular Reiki Practice, ask your physician to check prescription drugs, medications, or other internal substances that may need to be reduced, changed, or eliminated. Eyes should be checked regularly and monitored by a licensed professional. Prescription eye glasses and/or contact lens may need to be changed after about three months of regular Reiki Applications.

Teaching Reiki to Others Requires Specialized Training.
Participation in a Reiki Seminar does not quality you to teach others. Unlike ordinary knowledge, the hand-placements do not work without the Energy Activating Transmissions of Light, the Gift of Spiritual Healing, and the Gift of Subtle Energy Healing that are transmitted through in person Initiation processes. Completion of an in-depth Teacher’s Training Program by an authentic Initiating Master-Teacher of The Usui Reiki System with a Lineage going back to Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata along with authorization and certification is essential for training others.

Spiritual Practice Protected by Law: Reiki Practice balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy matrix for holistic health and wellbeing. Free of belief systems, dogma, philosophy, theory, visualization, mind control, or intellectual concepts, The Usui Reiki System offers methods and exercises for personal growth and spiritual transformation and is thereby protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Reiki Student’s Rights: The Usui Reiki System: Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Fran Brown-Mary Goslen-Anne Bryan Lineage
Authentic Instruction: Each student has the right to receive un-biased instruction along with appropriate Transmissions of Light for each degree of The Usui Reiki System through an authentic Master-teacher. Included with each seminar is an Illustrated Reference Manual for personal use. A Certificate suitable for framing is awarded upon completion of each Seminar.

Personal Growth and Expansion of Awareness: Projects for Personal Growth suggested in seminars are “opportunities and possibilities, but are not requirements.” Students are always free to do or not do any particular exercise or practice. Awareness is not an intellectual process and cannot be taught. Awareness expands from within.

Right to Privacy: Religious background, belief systems, political affiliation, sexual orientation, psychological and medical records are private matters that need not be discussed, nor disclosed to Reiki Teachers or Hands-on Reiki Practitioners. Personal information such as addresses, Fax numbers, phone numbers, and electronic mail addresses provided for communication are confidential and are not to be disclosed to third parties without written permission.

Protection from Sexual Abuse: Each Student has the right to receive Reiki Training in a quiet, safe environment, free from sexual harassment and personal abuse. Flirtation, courtship, inappropriate touching, sexual intimacy, or any type of overt or suggestible sexual behavior from a Reiki Teacher, healthcare practitioner, or provider of other health services or therapies is unethical, unprofessional, and unacceptable.

Each Student has the Right to Practice Other Systems of Knowledge.  Reiki will lead, guide, and direct each individual to whatever is needed for personal development, expansion of Awareness, health and wellbeing. The Reiki Student is free to study other disciplines without the approval, advice, opinions, criticism, judgment, or interference from the Reiki Teacher. Each student is entitled to practice other energy-based disciplines or other personal growth programs.

Subtle Energy Vibration: Discernment of vibrations is a spiritual gift discovered through Intuition from direct experience or indirectly by Initiation. Each subtle energy system has its own unique vibration. Any assignment or requirement by the Teacher for students to discern vibrations or differences between Reiki and other systems is unauthorized and inappropriate. Discernment of vibrations is a spiritual gift or a personal ability developed independently over time through dedicated practice, observation, intuition, and experience according to need or interest.

Reiki is not a Guru-Disciple Relationship: The Reiki Teacher serves as a catalyst in the Initiation and Personal Empowerment Process. Reiki Applications are taught by demonstration and information. Reiki is not a Guru-disciple relationship. Guided from within, the student is empowered to follow his/her own Inner Light. The student is not bound or obligated to study other degrees with the same Reiki Master-teacher. Each student has the right to enroll in Reiki Seminars with a teacher of his/her choice without discussion or approval of a previous Reiki teacher.   Each Reiki Practitioner has the right to become self-reliant, self- responsible, and independent.

Continuing Educational Opportunities:  Advanced Reiki Seminars, audit of seminars, refresher courses, workshops, continuing education opportunities and other activities are available by invitation or application. Policies and fees are determined by each Reiki Teacher.

Unique On-going Teacher Support: Daily Hands-on Personal Reiki Practice is suggested. Consult your teacher if you have questions about your Reiki Practice or experience. Remote Reiki or Personal Hands-on Reiki Sessions are available for a fee upon request. Reiki Network Services may be available at no charge. Consult your Reiki Teacher for details or more information.

(Source: Reiki manual, author Mary Goslen, 2017)

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