People Care

A happy Anne after completing Patricia Howell’s BotanoLogos Herbal Medicine Course (Clayton, Georgia)

We* are:

  • practicing Reiki (applying, teaching, and consulting);
  • preparing and practicing herbal medicine;
  • continuing to share strategies for balance, personal health, and wellness through community talks, conversation, and outreach;
  • expanding knowledge base, skillset, and tools for personal health and wellness – Anne completed an online MedAstro class with Will Morris and classes with DahVid Weiss in March, May, and August  2017 to learn how to use sound and tuning forks to support improved health and balance (Acutonics);
  • expanding understanding of intention via Lynne McTaggart’s “Power of Eight 2018” workshop;
  • hosting small gatherings for conversation and sharing on site; and
  • continuing Reiki study with Master Teacher Mary Goslen to enhance practice and understanding (completed additional certifications, including Lineage Holder, in December of 2017).



* The “we” in this case is Anne.


Trying to live sustainably on a patch of land in the highlands of Virginia