Anne’s Biography


In 1982, Anne Bryan was initiated into the Official First degree Usui Reiki System by Nonie Greene (Yesnie Carrington) of the Barbara Weber Ray Reiki Lineage.  An enthusiastic Reiki Practitioner, Anne went on to enroll in the Official Second Degree Reiki Program.  She coordinated multiple First and Second Degree Seminars for Nonie Green in Winston-Salem, NC.

With a heart-felt desire to share Reiki with others, Anne coordinated seminars for Mary Goslen who was certified as a Reiki Teacher in 1985 by Dr. Barbara Ray, PhD.  Aware of the positive effects of  Reiki in her life, Anne influenced family members and many friends to become Reiki practitioners.  After Goslen became a teacher in The Complete System of Reiki in 1994, Anne continued her training with Mary Goslen and completed (in 2008) the Third Degree Practitioner’s Program for Personal Growth.

Anne Bryan was trained in the Aura Drawing Method and the Third Degree Practitioner Reiki Program in 2010. In order to be of further service to others, she received her First Degree Reiki Teacher Certification in 2015 through the Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Fran Brown- Mary Goslen Reiki Lineage. In 2016, Anne obtained her Second Degree Reiki Teacher Certification. Continuing her studies with Reiki Master Teacher Mary Goslen in February & December of 2017,  Anne is authorized to 1) teach First, Second, and Third Degree Reiki Practitioner Programs; 2) train First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degree Initiating Teachers; and 3) confer the Lineage Holder Post upon one or more qualified teachers through the Reiki Lineage of Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Fran Brown-Mary Goslen.

While much of the Reiki training within the continental United States can be traced to the Usui-Hayashi-Takata lineage, it is helpful to understand that Hawayo Takata trained 22 Reiki teachers. As note-taking and audio-recording of Reiki sessions were typically not allowed,  teachers trained by Mrs. Takata emerged with varying degrees of mastery and knowledge. It is not surprising, therefore, to observe that Reiki instruction and practice can differ widely from one teacher/practitioner to another.

Anne’s teacher, Mary Goslen, studied with 3 of the 22 teachers trained by Mrs. Takata (Virginia Samdahl, Barbara Weber Ray, and the Reverend Fran Brown). Additionally, Mary was allowed to listen to audio recordings and to review class notes made when Mrs. Takata trained Fran Brown to be a Reiki teacher. Anne is grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Mary Goslen over the years.

Anne offers Reiki Seminars  in North Carolina and Virginia by appointment; continuing education workshops and distant services are available by request. Contact  Anne at [email protected] for Reiki information.

Medicinal Herbs

Tinctures, teas, and salves – December 2016.

2016 brought interesting opportunities to 7 Acre Wood. From March through December, Anne traveled to Clayton, Georgia to study with Patricia Kyritsi Howell, skilled herbalist/author and owner of BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies. While Anne studied herbal medicine and was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Joe grew many of the selected 60 herbs Anne was to study in the 10-month program. By 11 December 2016 when Anne completed the “Foundations of Herbalism” program, Joe and Anne had identified 40 medicinal herbs on site: in their garden, in Faerie Glen, in forested areas, and in wildflower-strewn fields on their property.  Tinctures, blends, teas, and salves now grace Anne’s Apothecary, thanks to support from Joe, family, and friends, and from knowledge shared by Patricia K. Howell and classmates at BotanoLogos.

In 2017, Anne & Joe worked together to increase the herbs cultivated on 7 Acre Wood Farm. Anne continues to harvest herbs for teas, tinctures, and salves, sharing the wealth with family and friends. With the addition of hemp to the farm in 2019, we look forward to exploring medicinal uses of the hemp in upcoming months and years.

Anne and Joe share their passion and knowledge informally in small group sessions, through public library talks, and via invitation.

Trying to live sustainably on a patch of land in the highlands of Virginia